Youth Programs

annie100_3271webThrough our Children’s Theatre Division students play an important role in bringing arts to the community. Fiddlehead involves youth in theater classes and productions, helping provide valuable experience working as an ensemble, challenging their theater skills and strengthening ties to each other and the community. Older teens are also given opportunities to explore career options by working with mentors in technical and administrative areas of theater. By creating successful educational partnerships with community groups and local schools Fiddlehead helps to educate children of all abilities and backgrounds in the theater arts.

Fiddlehead Theatre Company has more than 20 years of experience providing educational programs for youth residing in Boston and its surrounding communities. Fiddlehead Theatre‘s Children’s Theatre Division offers extraordinary life experiences for youth ages 6-18. Offering school-year and summer classes, Fiddlehead provides middle and high school students the opportunity to explore the technical areas of theater production, acting, front of house management, set design and painting, costume design, lighting and sound design. Fiddlehead also provides opportunities for children to participate in main stage professional productions where they challenge their theater skills and learn to work alongside adult performers.


Fiddlehead has a 21-year history in the greater Boston area of creating successful educational partnerships with community groups to help educate children of all abilities and backgrounds in the theater arts. Past programs have included partnerships with Project Connect and Snark in Norwood, MA where Fiddlehead created programs for special needs children that used drama as therapy to help garner self-esteem. Through Progreso Latino and Mssng Links, Fiddlehead created programs for Boston’s inner-city youth that engaged students in video production during the company’s premiere of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Through these partnerships Fiddlehead helps young people to develop theater skills, build self-esteem and enjoy the valuable experience of working together.