Board of Directors

Meg Fofonoff, Founder Fiddlhead Theatre CompanyMeg Fofonoff | President & Artistic Director

Meg (Margaret) Fofonoff founded Fiddlehead Theatre Company in 1993 and continues to produce performances that align with the mission of Fiddlehead while driving the artistic direction of the company. Meg functions as Education Director, hiring the Fiddlehead Theatre Academy Staff as well as selecting the programming for the Children’s Theatre Division. Meg has also forged partnerships with schools and community groups throughout the Boston area to help educate children of all abilities and backgrounds in the theater arts. It was through Meg’s leadership and forward-thinking direction that Fiddlehead entered into its 2012 partnership with the City of Boston and began the company’s historic residency at the Strand Theatre. As well as being a patron of live theater, Margaret dedicates her career to making theatrical experiences more available and sharing her passion for the arts.

“Theater with a theme of transformation as a means to an end is more important than ever in today’s world. After twenty years of guiding and shaping Fiddlehead, it feels appropriate to pursue a direction where we can provide quality theater and do our share, in making the world a better place by serving the needs of our community and beyond. Our programming will present theater ranging in content from pure entertainment to productions that educate our audiences. In our goal, to culturally enrich our communities and provide youth theater education and school outreach programs, we are fulfilling a destiny, that I as a theater professional am firmly committed to and supremely passionate about. I see theater as an artistic resource that will serve our communities in encompassing a broad span of ages and provide a long standing collaboration between Fiddlehead, The Strand, members of the community, schools, community businesses and the city of Boston all in pursuit of a common artistic goal, to keep theater alive for everyone.”


Cornelius Chapman | Burns & Levinson LLP Entertainment Lawyer and Playwright

Con is a partner in the firm’s corporate and entertainment departments. He has represented producers, production companies, screenwriters and investors in independent film projects. He is also a Boston-area writer and playwright. He is the author of The Year of the Gerbil, a history of the 1978 Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees pennant race; two novels, and a book of light verse about women, The Girl With the Cullender on Her Head. He has written twenty-six plays along with many articles and humor that have appeared in national publications such as The Atlantic Monthly, Reason and Barron’s as well as metropolitan newspapers including The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald.

“I’ve been actively involved in inner city education and community theater in the Boston area for many years, and hope that my involvement with Fiddlehead during its tenure as resident company at The Strand will enable me to synthesize these two interests.”

Sarah Henken | Director, Fashion Consultant and Holistic Wellness Administrator

Known as the Wardrobe Doctor, Sarah currently works as a personal stylist. She has over 30 years of fashion and retail experience that covers everything from corporate buying offices, managing in department stores and small high-end boutiques as well as representing an exclusive knitwear line out of New York. Lately, she has worked managing wardrobe for two independent movies shot here in Massachusetts and for Fiddlehead helping with The Fantastiks and Ragtime. In addition, Sarah has taught workshops on dressing for success for companies out in Metro-West Boston.

“I came to Fiddlehead initially as an enthusiastic supporter, but now feel a responsibility to help keep the Arts, and specifically Theater, alive and vibrant for future generations. I also feel strongly about supporting women-owned and operated business and am passionate about being involved with a company that has the high standards and attention to detail that Fiddlehead does.”



Reverend Liz Walker | Pastor, Roxbury Presbyterian Church

Reverend Liz Walker is pastor of the Historic Roxbury Presbyterian Church.  Installed in March of 2014, she was called to this ministry after 21 years as Boston’s first African American Television News Anchor on WBZ TV and 12 years of humanitarian work in war torn Sudan where she helped build a school for girls, one of the first of its kind in that region.

In the summer of 2001, Reverend Walker traveled to Sudan on a fact-finding mission on the controversial slave trade there. Sudan is the scene of the worst human rights atrocities in the world.  Reverend Liz was so outraged by what she saw she co-founded the humanitarian organization “My Sister’s Keeper” which focuses on economic and educational initiatives for Sudanese women and girls. Reverend Walker shot her own footage during that first journey and produced a number of television specials including one that earned the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award from the New England Radio Television News Director’s Association in 2002. She also produced an award winning documentary called  “A Glory from the God” which profiles the work of “ My Sister’s Keeper”.

A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, Reverend Walker has long been actively involved in many community service organizations and projects. She has a special interest in the victims and survivors of domestic violence, and helped found the Jane Doe Safety Fund, a multi-million dollar statewide anti-violence initiative that works on policy and supports domestic abuse shelters and safe houses around the Commonwealth.

Reverend Walker is the chair of the Roxbury Presbyterian Church Social Impact Center responsible for the creation of the community’s first Science Technology Engineering and Math Academy (with construction to be completed in 2017). She is a member of the Core Strategy Team of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization and the Board for the New England Chapter of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. She has also served on the Board of Trustees for Andover Newton Theological Seminary, the Tufts Health Foundation  and Board of Overseers for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.   Reverend Walker has been awarded honorary degrees from a multitude of New England institutions including University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, Boston College, Simmons College, Salem State University and Bridgewater State University.

“It is an immense honor to join the Strand family. In the work of faith we often speak of revival as restoration of the spirit.  I can think of no greater tool for our community’s ongoing revival than the Strand Theatre.  Since 1918, it has enriched and empowered countless lives on both sides of the footlights. Having weathered many storms of uncertainty it remains anchored on the horizon of our common hopes, a beacon pointing to our greatest aspirations. At its best theatre offers a different way of looking at the world. When that happens, we may just be able to discover something new and wonderful about ourselves.  Viva La Strand! “

Craig Zuckerman | Treasurer, CPA

Craig Zuckerman is a Certified Public Accountant currently practicing in his hometown of Sudbury Massachusetts. For the past 10 years, Craig has been the Treasurer of Fiddlehead. Craig enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. When not working or with his family he can be found on the golf course.

“Craig feels fortunate to be in a position to contribute his expertise to the performing arts he and his family enjoy so much.”